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Visit Brookspun Games @ GenCon 2023!

I'm in awe that I'm able to share that Brookspun Games has a booth at GenCon this year (#2863). When I first began designing games, I remember thinking, "How incredible would it be to be able to showcase our games in a booth at GenCon?!?". That day has actually arrived! From August 3rd - August 6th, 2023 you'll find me and several friends at booth #2863 at GenCon (in Entrepreneur's Avenue). You can see (and purchase) Legacies and accessories. We're also demoing our newest game - Clandestine - heading to Kickstarter soon! If you're at GenCon, please come by and say hello. I started this endeavor because I wanted to bring joy to others through tabletop games. If you've enjoyed Legacies and/or want to learn more about Legacies or Clandestine, please take a moment to come by, say "hi" and share or ask anything you wish. Looking forward to seeing you in Indy!

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