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Clandestine Box Art Revealed

Over the course of the last year, through partnership with Jovial Graphics, the world of Clandestine has begun to take shape in a Victorian Era town drawing inspiration from a vast array of secret societies spanning the globe.

As with Legacies, our goal is to immerse players in a highly-thematic world tightly coupled with the mechanics of gameplay. As you navigate intersecting rondels through public actions and society actions you’ll find yourself equipping and preparing your society in the light of day while behind closed doors you delve into your society’s secrets and carry out your true plans and rituals. This cover image by Meredith Dillman captures the essence of each of the five playable societies in Clandestine.

Which society intrigues you the most? Will you choose a society based on its color or based on the society's unique abilities?

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