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Stonemaier Design Day 2022

Clandestine made an appearance at Stonemaier Design Day in October where dozens of designers and playtesters come together to give each others' prototypes a play and provide feedback to further the development. Jamey, the Stonemaier team, & Pieces Board Game Cafe are excellent hosts providing a great event & venue for collaboration & camaraderie.

While the event is not a competition, playtesters are encouraged to provide ratings for each game they play. The ratings are meant to give designers an idea of how fun, polished, and balanced the playtesters found their games. Following in the footsteps of Legacies, Clandestine finished in the TOP 5 GAMES this year.

I'm excited and humbled to see the reception Clandestine has received and the eagerness of players to get into the theme (and their desire to play again as a different secret society!). I was also thrilled to find a solution to one issue that had been nagging me for a year thanks to dialogue with playtesters at the event! Stay tuned over the coming months as the art for Clandestine begins - adding a layer of thematic immersion that I've been amped up to finally reach. We'll also be finalizing many of the graphic design aspects over the next couple of months as we approach our Kickstarter launch. If you see something you like or intrigued by - let me know!

Special thanks to everyone who playtested Clandestine at Stonemaier Design Day, and special thanks to the other designers whose games I got the chance to play and provide feedback on. I'm always inspired to be the diversity of creativity and elegance that goes into all sorts of designs that keeps our hobby so fresh!

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